Body and sports massage

Whether you have a sports injury or just an aching neck, Steve Parnell will help. Steve is qualified in body massage and sports massage therapy. He offers treatments for all ages and activity levels, whether you are a sportsperson or spend all day in a chair.

How can Steve help you?

Steve’s massage therapy is your solution to muscle tension, stress and fatigue. It can:

  • improve your muscle tone and quality, helping to prevent injury and increase muscle performance
  • help you to recover more quickly from an injury
  • relieve stress and tension
  • improve your flexibility and range of movement
  • remove lactic acid, which builds up in your muscles during exercise
  • improve your blood circulation


Steve specialises in manipulating and stretching the tendons and ligaments that support your muscles. If you are a sportsperson, regular massage therapy will allow you to train to your full potential.

Why not combine your sports massage with a Hot Bamboo Sticks treatment? The heated sticks bring warmth right into your muscles, helping them to fully relax. Bliss!